Why so much hype around "New Year, New Me"? No grand decisions made on December 31st will change you as person. It's about the tiny decisions you face every single day. It's not about proclaiming the new and improved human 2018 will unleash. It's about being honest with yourself. Assessing where you are in this moment in time and space. Accepting who are. Deciding what needs to go and enter to serve you. Waking up each morning with intention. You don't have to wake up on January 1st with the expectation of a 180 degree turn around. 1 degree is better than none. It doesn't begin with our position in space to live a better life. It starts with one choice. Vision of the big picture is essential, but never underestimate the power in every single small decision on a daily basis. They add up to either heal or hurt you. We wish everyone a happy, healthy, and safe New Year's! Here's a list of what mela:mncew is happy with from 2017 and what we will continue working on in 2018. 



2017's I Came, I Saw, I Hit Em Right There In The Jaw List

1.  Very active in the gym

2.  More knowledgeable with eating right

3.  Read books that are motivational

4. Saved a set amount of money, rather than just saving

5. Modeled for Nike

2018's Work Continued List

1. Continue to eat clean

2. Save up $10,000 this year

3. Read 10 books this year

4. Sign with a modeling agency 

5. Get holistic nutrition certification and esthetician license



2017's I Came, I Saw, I Hit Em Right There In the Jaw List

1. Got off all antibiotics and doctor prescriptions

2. Overcame hypothalamic amenorrhea naturally 

3. Wrote my first original pilot 

4. Put premium fuel into my body 

5. Incorporated yoga practice 3-4 days a week 

2018's Work Continued List

1. Live curiously in the present moment 

2. Open a health & wellness store/Get holistic nutrition certification

3. Allow my writing to speak through a big platform 

4. Grow mela:mcnew in hopes of healing as many people as we can 

5. Continue discovering myself creatively and expressing it