The Waterplant: What's Actually in Your Water, Misconceptions of the Brita, How To Balance Your pH and more!


mela:mcnew sat down with co-owner of The Waterplant, Leslie, Saturday morning at the Studio City location. There's two locations in LA, the other being in Sherman Oaks. Leslie also belongs to the Sacramento Water Board. She receives a weekly, monthly and annual analyst of what is in our nearby cities' water and Studio City's water. We had an enlightened, knowledge packed conversation we'd like to share with you. 

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What's wrong with drinking regular tap water?

There's E.coli in it. There's arsenic in it. There's high levels of copper and aluminium. So you don't want to drink that. I don't even want to drink fluoride. Fluoride calcifies our pineal gland. And I want to be in control of the calcium that I intake. Fluoride is also a derivitave of steer manure.

Why go the extra mile to get your water from The Waterplant?

First of all, we're very eco-friendly and aware of our footprint on the planet. So we try to educate people about reusing your water jug over and over rather than getting cases of bottled water and contributing to a plastic mountain somewhere. Plastic never goes away. It's not biodegrabable. It's either going to go into the ocean or a landfill. Some gets recycled and that's great, but not always the case. Secondly, we know exactly what's in our municipal water. We have machinery that's taking out everything in that water. It's called the reverse osmosis purified system. It takes out everything - the good & the bad. That's why we have other waters where we're putting minerals back in. We literally strip the water of all the good nutrients, but at least it's purified without flouride and chlorine and we know that.

What are some of the different types of water here?

With the alkaline water, we're putting one mineral back in - high in magnesium. We have a spring water - we put all the minerals back in. It imitates natural spring water. It's a lower pH than alkaline. It has magnesium, potassium, zinc, alkaline and calcium. Our speciality water is the oxygenated water. It's the reverse osmosis and we're infiltrating oxygen into the water. It's more like an elixir. It's the machine they use at hospitals for pre and post operation to help heal the suture of the operation. Oxygen in the blood is speeding things up. Your heart is pumping it to your lungs, giving you more lung capacity and it's also pumping to your brain, giving you mental clarity. A lot of people drink that water if they're going to go workout, hiking, or doing something exercise related where they need more oxygen. The kangen water, the kangen ionizer, is our healing water. The ionizer electricutes the water, increasing the nutrients causing active hydrogen gas shrinking the molecules so your able to absorb it in your cells faster and longer and better. It tastes better. It tastes organic and creamy.

We know a lot of people have Brita's in their fridge. Is a Brita water filter helpful?

A Brita just camoflauges the flavor of the tap water. It's only going through a carbon filter or sometimes a 2 stage filter so it may be taking out some of the sediment and improving the flavor, but there is no way it's taking out fluoride or the chlorine or the chloramine or the arsenic or the boronium or all this bad stuff that's found in our municipal water.

 This is where you fill up your jug with different types of water!

This is where you fill up your jug with different types of water!

What's the main difference between bottled water and The Waterplant?

We know what we're doing. It's fresh right here on the spot. We're a non-contributor to the plastic footprint.

If someone is completely new to this, what would be the best water for them to start drinking?

The alkaline first. It's a lower pH so it will slowly build them up to a high pH level. When the pH levels start to get even, then they can start drinking the structured spring mineral water like you're supposed to be drinking.

Anything else you'd like to add?

Our society has introduced Coca Cola, Monster drinks, energy drinks, Gatorade, sugary drinks to supplement water. Water has become an extinct item on our table. I want to introduce water back in to where you're going I'd rather reach for a water than reach for a Gatorade any day and that mentality is going to start to take over. People like you are going to be part of that education and I appreciate that.

We appreciate you! Thank you so much for taking the time to talk with us today.