How To Compete With Sunday Football 

mela:mcnew has had their fair share of diverse boyfriends over the years. One reoccurring theme: football on Sundays. We're not saying that you can't be a girl who genuinely loves football, we're just saying we haven't ever been personally immersed in the culture. Sometimes we get the "oh you're from Indiana? Must be a Colts fan" to which we respond under our breaths, "totally....not". We know our fellow Indiana-ers might be upset with us, but we honestly could care less about watching grown men tackle each other causing some major health problems in the years to come (but that's another topic for another day!)

Here's just a little tip we've learned from experience if you want to make Sunday Football your bit**, make your boyfriend drool, and make all his football buddies wish you were their girl (the latter being irrelevant - but hey - maybe your life needs some drama). The secret: double layer nachos. This is a win-win every single time. mela:mcnew is going to give you a step by step, healthy recipe to claim your place with the boys every Sunday. Who cares about fantasy football when the reality of double layer nachos is right here.