Optimal Morning Routine

We know mornings can be busy. A literal rush to get out the door. We've been there, done that. Through experience, we've learned that this rush sets the tone for the rest of the day. And for us, it wasn't a good thing. We now make sure to get up with enough time set aside for a relaxed morning routine before our days actually begin and it has improved our lives exponentially. mela:mcnew encourages you to make the extra morning time a priority for yourself!

Lemon/Apple Cider Vinegar Water

We know this may sound like the opposite of appetizing after your beauty sleep, but it truly can make all the difference. Immediately after waking up, we head straight to the kitchen and heat up 8 oz. of water. Split a lemon in half and squeeze it into the warm water. Next, we grab our apple cider vinegar (Braggs Raw - Unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar is our favorite). Add a tablespoon into the warm water. You can even add a couple pinches of himalayan sea salt if you're feeling frisky. Sit back and sip until it's gone. Wait 20 minutes before eating or drinking anything else. The warm mixture signals the body to get moving. It helps flush out the digestive system and hydrate the body after a night’s sleep. (Great for a #2 to start the day!) The lemon is a natural dose of Vitamin C, can improve the appearance of skin, and increases your metabolism for weight loss and energy. The apple cider vinegar helps balance your bodies PH which is crucial for overall health. It can balance blood sugar levels and lower blood pressure. Helps heartburn and acid reflux. It improves nutrient absorption for the rest of the foods you consume all day. 


Homemade Bone Broth

After 20-30 minutes, we heat up a cup of our homemade up bone broth. We know this can seem daunting! Before we started making it, we felt the same way. Carmela jumped on the wave before Jasmine. There was a point where Carmela was collecting the bones from her chicken and beef in the freezer and Jasmine commented, "You're like a creepy cat lady except 20x worse." Now, bone broth is the single thing mela:mcnew looks forward to in the AM. Actually, bone broth is the natural botox. If you’re a guy and you’re like "oh I don’t care about botox", there’s more! It’s health benefits go on and on and on. It can relieve joint pain and protect joints for the future. It's gut healing properties are off the charts. It promotes healthy skin for conditions such as acne and can help aid the process of beautifully aging. It's also a great immune system boost.

Here’s our bone broth recipe with a step by step guide to making it in your own kitchen! We’d love to take your homemade bone broth virginity!


Green Smoothie

After the bone broth settles, we fuel up with a green smoothie. It's the best way to amp up with a ton of nutrients to start the day. Make sure the actual color of your smoothie is green so you know you're getting a vitamin packed drink! It's filling and you can take it out the door with you!

Now seize the day!