Masturbation on Ventura 


Masturbation & porn: recently introduced parts of life to half of mela:mcnew. This was brought to Carmela's attention when Jasmine suggested, "Why don't you just masturbate to some porn?" in response to Carmela complaining about a lack of orgasms lately. "Why don't I just masturbate to some porn?" Carmela thought. Long story short, she never had. She had never masturbated. She had never watched porn. But why? Why hadn't she explored herself yet at the age of 23? Maybe due to the fact she's had serious boyfriends since 16. Maybe not having a television in her household growing up. Maybe having a Pastor as a father. Maybe a lot of things. Is there a correlation with porn and masturbation? And what age is it "normal"?


It intrigued mela:mcnew enough to go out on Ventura Boulevard, a busy California strip, and get to talking about the two topics with random people.  We wanted to find out what age people masturbated for the first time, what age people watched porn for the first time, and whether porn exposure was before or after people's first masturbation experience. Here's what we found. 

Screenshot 2017-09-26 18.38.29.png

We asked 50 random people on Ventura Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA. 


We found the average age people masturbated for the first time was 13 years old. The average age people watched porn for the first time was between 15 and 16 years old. Slightly over half of the sample, 52%, began exploring themselves through masturbation before they had ever seen porn. This was a surprise to us because between the two of us: Jasmine watched porn for some time before masturbating and Carmela assumed most people had the same experience of porn exposure, then masturbation. 22% of people began exploring themselves after porn exposure. 18% of people masturbated for the first time while watching porn for the first time. 8% had been exposed to neither.  


In our opinion, masturbation shouldn't be such a taboo subject and definitely shouldn't be looked down on. It's a right of passage for every single individual. It's time you get to spend exploring and getting to know yourself, which is something a lot of us humans forget to do in the fast-paced generation we live in. Whether it's a spiritual act or purely physical one, it's sort of an ecstasy that unites us will our evolutionary roots. While Carmela didn't masturbate at a young age, she was exploring by humping her pillows and taking the clothes off her Barbies and making them kiss. Whatever it be, it is a beautiful aspect of life. In our opinion, we think porn can be a great addition to masturbating. However, we believe it can create certain expectations and ideals for sex. We encourage to each their own - and venture into self-exploration and exploration of another human with the nuances they deserve.