Izeah Bowman talks natural healing, supplements, seamoss and more!

mela:mcnew sat down at Real Food Daily in West Hollywood with Weight Loss Specialist, Natural Healing Expert, Celebrity Nutritionist and Personal Trainer: Izeah Bowman. Bowman is the grandson of the late Dr. Sebi: a pathologist, herbalist, biochemist, and naturalist. Izeah's main mission is keeping his grandfather's legacy alive by naturally healing as many people as he can.

As Bowman and his assistant sat down at the table, the first question he asked us was, "So do you guys eat eggs?" We looked at each other and said, "Probably a couple eggs a week." Bowman shook his head. This is where our conversation began. 

We know eggs are one of those "health foods" that always causes controvery. In your opinion, what's wrong with them??

Bowman: If you're eating eggs over 4 times a month, that's not good. You don't want the mucus, the inflammation. Mucus is the #1 thing that slows the body, breaks down the body. The less mucus, the better.

That's interesting. We were just eating egg whites for awhile. Just recently, as it got cooler have we incorporated the entire egg back into our diets. (Bowman points to Carmela's tuscan kale salad)

Bowman: That right there. That kale. Not eggs. Through the winter, the best thing to do - is the blood- you want your iron at its best because with a strong immune system, you can fight off anything. Kale is the #1 food you can eat for iron.

Well we ordered the right thing then! So how did you get into natural medicine?

Bowman: My grandfather. My grandfather's been curing these diseases for over 30 years. When we first started working with Magic Johnson, I was 10 years old. I was really young.

Wow, that's so amazng you were able to be immersed in natural medicince that early! What does your Dietary Resolutions line of supplements consist of?

Bowman: These are all minerals. See what happens is that we get brain washed into thinking that things like GNC products, whey protein, and soy are okay. These are the worst things you can put into your body. A lot of things are FDA approved. With our produts, they're all FDA approved. My grandfather made the FDA raise their standards on knowing about minerals instead of labeling everything as a vitamin or a medicine.

That resonates with us. We used to spend so much money at GNC until we really started taking a natural approach. We are so excited to start taking these mineral supplements you've created.

Bowman: It's cell food for the body. It electrifies. It revitalizes. It nourishes the body. You can't call it a vitamin because vitamins don't do that. It's a suppressant. It enhances skin, gets rid of arthritis pain, joint pain, strengthens the body, lowers blood pressure, and rids asthma.

We both just began taking seamoss. Can you share some insight on it?

See what the sea moss does is open up other entities in your body and other frequencies in your brain that most people don’t even touch. Like most people don’t even use a fourth of their brain because 80% is fogged and clogged up with mucus and parasites because of all the processed foods they eat.


As we wrapped up our conversation and dinner, Izeah brought out a blue bottle from his bag. "The drink to cleanse your soul!" he says. He pours mela:mcnew, his assistant, and himself a shot of bitters.

"What is this?!" mela:mncew inquired. 

Bowman explained, "Bitters is a pure form of 14 plants from Honduras! Bitters gets rid of mucus, parasites, inflammation, bacteria, and revitalizes and strengthens the brain. The bitters brings your body back to its natural essence. Any bacteria, inflammation, blockages, fibroids, tumors, and cysts will be flushed out.  One shot of the bitters and feel the instant cleanse."

We cheers to "health is wealth" and downed the shot. Bowman wasn't lying. We could feel our cells rejoicing! 

You can find Bowman @dietaryresolutions on Instagram!