Diaries of a Health Freak

The Relationship You Should Invest In - It Just Might Save Your Life

What's the most important relationship in your life? Your significant other? Mom? Dad? One of your siblings? A friend? March Madness? Your dog ? A sport? All relationships are valid. In a Western society obsessed with relationships, arguably the most vital one of all is neglected - your relationship with food.  Seeking relationship control can be detrimental with a spouse or friend.  However, taking control of your relationship with food can transform your life. What's more intimate than what you choose to put in your body? Brain fuel. Heart fuel. Cell fuel. Why gas up with unleaded when premium is available to all us? 
Energy. Trust. Respect. Compromise. Awareness. Appreciation. Balance. Listening. All healthy relationships require it.  Same goes for food.  The human body is constantly relaying messages to us. The question is: are we ever listening? 
Running out the door  with a pop tart. Grabbing Doritos on your lunch break. Picking up fast food on your way home. This may sound all too familiar. We know it resonated with us at one point. "I don't have time." "I don't know how to cook." "We're all going to die someday."  While valid, mela:mcnew has decided a disease induced by a typical Western diet will not be in our future. We encourage you to do the research. Food is medicine. 
mela:mcnew released the first video of the Diaries of a Health Freak series. What can you expect? It's a health and wellness music video parody. A what? you ask. We take a look at topics that reoccur on a  daily basis in our personal lives regarding health and wellness. Food - topping the list at #1. WE.LOVE.TO.EAT. We reminisced on our food journey.
In the beginning, our food intake is governed by what our parents feed us. Neither of our parents bought organic (unless it was on sale) and we frequented places like Long John Silver's and Burger King . In college, it got worse. Drinking every weekend landed us in Steak & Shake booths at 3 a.m. Smoking weed landed us in gas stations raiding the aisles. Five Guys and takeout Chinese food happened countless times. We didn't care about what we put into our bodies whatsoever. 
Fast forward through college. We get to Los Angeles summer of 2016. Six months in, we're cooking more and eating out less. We go through a strictly chicken and frozen veggies phase. A frozen yogurt phase. A carb loading phase. Restricted calorie phase. Restricted fat phase. Vegan phase. Binge meat eating phase. A  pescatarian phase. No sugar phase. A ketogenic phase. A raw food phase. You name it, we've tried it to the extreme. So extreme at times, we found ourselves relapsing  in the Carl's Jr. drive through. 
We've learned that it's all about balance and moderation. None of these phases lasted for us because we never truly listened to what our bodies were saying. We are all individual humans and what works for us may not work for you. What works for Jasmine doesn't always work for Carmela. Take the time to educate yourself about where your food is coming from and what your food is doing to and for your body. 
Every day, we all have the power to decide what we eat. It is either healing you or hurting you. For us personally, we still use trial and error. Still make mistakes and still learning. We've come a long way. Our goal in the video is to shed light on the human condition: the not so glamorous side of health and wellness. It's not all kale salads and sunny skies. We do have days we just want to devour Animal Style Double Doubles and get 7 scoops of ice cream in a chocolate covered waffle cone.
The key is not over restricting or over indulging, but working to find that yummy place right in the middle. It's about accepting where you are, learning from where you've been, and actively treating your body with respect. 
Your relationship with food is serious business. It's more than stuffing our faces when hunger pangs. It's a relationship with yourself. Take time getting to know it and precious time here on Earth you will gain.