Downtown LA Homeless

Last Wednesday, mela:mcnew headed Downtown Los Angeles to talk to the homeless. Homeless. Without a home. I don't know about you, but that's a hard thought for us to stomach. It's one hell of a different life perspective to contemplate to say the least. We thought about it so much, we decided to head to Whole Foods. We made 50 sandwiches and gathered up any clothes from our closets that haven't been worn in a few months. We hit the road from Studio City and ventured out to converse with the people who inhabit the Downtown Los Angeles streets. We were able to distribute all the food we prepared and a 2 full sacks of winter clothing. 


mela:mcnew had the pleasure of talking to a number of special individuals. Almost every single person happily ate their sandwiches and thanked us for the kind deed. Nearly every person we talked to picked out 1-2 pieces of clothing. A woman named Angel took a few moments out of her day and spoke with us. She had a cat named Princess and a dog named Charlie with her.  


Where are you originally from?

Angel: I'm from Utah.

What brought you out to LA?

Angel: I came to be a country singer. That was my dream. I actually was an extra in a movie called "Night of the Eagle".

That's awesome. How did your country music career go?

Angel: It didn't go well. I just became an all movie extra and did that for awhile.

What's your life perspective?

Angel: You smile and the world will smile, too.

We could all probably learn something from Angel's life perspective. The next man we talked to, Michael, was a fellow Midwesterner. 


So you're originally from Illinois. What brought you to LA?

Michael: I was ready to get out of Illinois.

We can relate! We got out of Indiana as soon as we graduated college.

Michael: Yeah, I moved here because I was married to a girl who had dual citizenship. She was from Winnipeg.

What's your life perspective?

Michael: I don't have a plan. I enjoy just living in the moment. I'm heading to New York on November 12th. I want to go to Madison Square Garden.


Throughout the entire afternoon, there was only one lady who responded poorly to us. We offered her a sandwich and she responded, "I don't want your banana bread! Eat my pu***, bit**. Fly bit** fly! We talked to a man named Alfonzo, who didn't speak english. Carmela did her best with the minimal conversational Spanish she knows and was able to give him food and clothes. We met a man named Darwin, who traveled to LA all the way from Honduras. He initially moved here to be with his family, but has lost ties with them over the years. The last man we met, Mike, was from Louisiana. He moved here when his father was in the service. Mike carries a stereo with him wherever he goes. He informed us his street name is "Music Man": because he has something to play for everyone. 

The homeless were not the only ones who benefited from this. mela:mcnew realized it's something that brings actual joy to our lives as well. We plan to hit the streets, distributing food and clothes to the homeless, at least a couple times a month. We encourage everyone to seek conversation with individuals who your path doesn't typically cross with. Venture to areas that you don't see on a daily basis. You don't have to talk to the homeless. Take a new route to work. Switch up the time you take a yoga class. Work on your computer in a different coffee shop. You never know how simple switch ups can open up your life!