"In seventh grade, I went trick or treating with the volleyball girls. Most of us were cats, the others were mice. We would steal other kids candy as we passed them. Savage 12 year-old. I know.  Then we would toilet paper people's house at night. That was probably my favorite part." - Jasmine

"I wasn't allowed to celebrate Halloween. I spent every single October 31st in church. Everyone in my neighborhood knew I wasn't allowed to trick or treat so they would always drop off candy. Halloween was made to seem like the devil's holiday in my eyes." - Carmela

Reminiscing on Halloween evoked a wide spectrum of memories from mela:mcnew. On one hand, Jasmine had experiences that most can probably relate to. Carmela on the other hand is closer to the minority in hers. No dressing up. No pumpkin carving. Carmela still hasn't lost her trick-or-treating virginity to this day. (Who's trying to take it?!) mela:mcnew may just head to a Beverly Hills neighborhood dressed as ghosts and make up for the lost time. Who knows what the LA elite are throwing into trick or treat bags! Maybe a brand new car! Or at the very least a quality juicer. 

It's interesting to dissect how unique memories and experiences play into the course of the rest of each kid's life. Holidays in general, have such different meanings to each individual. It's really cool for mela:mcnew to see each holiday from a double perspective. Did Carmela's lack of Halloween costumes as a kid, contribute to an overcompensation of promiscuous nurse and cop costumes in college? To which Jasmine replied, "No. Every girl deserves to wear nothing for Halloween in college!" WOMAN POWER.

As we continued to talk about this, we couldn't help but think about the health side of things. (WHAT A SHOCKER, RIGHT?!) Sour Patch Kids, Candy Corn, Reese's Cup, Butterfingers, Kit Kat Bars, Skittles, Milky Way, Life Savers, Snickers. The list goes on and on and on. Did you know in just a couple big handfuls of candy corn, there's over 20 grams of sugar? Kids really shouldn't be consuming more like 8-12 grams of sugar in an entire day. Adults, no more than 20 grams. Many people worry about the calories and fat, when what they should be reading is the sugar content! 

mela:mcnew strongly encourages you to track your sugar intake just for one day. Simply jot down each thing you eat throughout the day and check the nutrition label for exactly how much sugar is in it. It'll be worth it to track, assess and moderate immediately. Most people overlook sugar and don't realize it contributes to heart disease, inflammation, obesity, and even cancer. 

In hopes you all have a happy, healthy halloween - mela:mcnew invites you to kick your candy sugar crash to the curb and indulge in these nutrient dense energy promoting Halloween snacks!