A Look Inside


Carmela Roeschlein & Jasmine McNew

mela:mcnew encompasses the spirit of 2 independent girls who have 1 common goal: an evolving lifestyle that works from the inside out. We understand the vitality of balance in this fast-paced, ever changing generation we live in. Striving for placidity, we welcome the trial & error process. Our mindset: mistakes have the power to plunge us forward while absolute certainty can hold us back. We keep an open and honest atmosphere with space to view new perspectives while standing firmly in the realities we have worked to defined. Our voice is nurtured through continuous observation and listening. We value digging to the roots over instant gratification in all arenas.  We will continue to challenge ourselves to be receptive & reciprocate the energy back into the universe. We talk with purpose in hopes of relaying lifestyle insights we have come across through living: instinctive & fresh. . This, very moment, matters. Here's a lifestyle lens into - me(la):mc(new).


We'd love to hear from you! Let us know if things on our page resonate with you. Ask us questions. Tell us what you'd like to see more of. Be sure to follow us @melamcnew on Instagram for daily stories with tips for a natural, balanced evolving life! mela:mcnew is here to connect with you.

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