5 Herbal Teas To Add Now

Feeling overwhelmed in the herbal tea aisle at your local health food store? We made a list of the top 5 herbal teas we include in our weekly routine and why. 


1. Yerba Mate - If we need a morning boost, we turn to yerba mate instead of a cup of coffee. For us, it's a more balanced source of energy and we're all about the added benefits ranging from: immunity boost, cancer prevention, and high in antioxidants. 

2. Dandelion Tea - If we're feeling a sluggish digestive system, we turn to dandelion tea. Dandelion is a great cleanse for the liver and stimulates bowel movements. Clearing out the liver helps with mineral absorption and reducing inflammation throughout the body. It cleanses the blood and tones the skin. 

3. Ginger Tea - If we're getting breakouts on the lower third of our faces, we turn to ginger tea. Acne around the  mouth and chin usually can be alleviated by adding a cup of ginger tea. You can get pre-made tea bags or boil a ginger root in filtered water on the stove. It also aids nausea and is a natural painkiller. 

4. Peppermint - If we're experiencing menstrual cycle cramps, we turn to peppermint tea. It relaxes muscles, soothes joints, improves bloating and indigestion. It also has a calming effect on any pesky period pimples and works to balance hormones. 

5. Pau D'arco - If we're struggling with yeast infections, we turn to pau d'arco tea. It's known to fight candida which is a yeast-like, parasitic fungus. Be sure to keep this in check because excess yeast and candida weaken the immune system. This makes disease easier to penetrate the body. 


Rooibos Tea - If we're worried about our hair and skin aging, we turn to rooibos. Drink this up! It's a natural source of alpha hydroxy acid!

Fennel Tea - If w're feeling a lot of gas, we turn to fennel tea. You can even get fennel seeds and chew on them after a meal to help the digestive process!

Chamomile Tea - If we're feeling restless past 8 p.m., we turn to chamomile tea. It's calming to the mind and body. It's known to fight anxiety and depression. We enjoy unwinding with a book and a cup before bed.